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Dune: Part Two Movie Review

Are you planning to watch Dune: Part Two in theatres? Read our full Dune: Part Two movie review before booking your tickets!

Dune Part Two Movie Review

Dune: Part Two Movie Review Rating: 4 Stars

Star Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler

Director: Denis Villeneuve

What’s Good: The action sequences, sandworms and the performances

What’s Bad: Tests your patience a bit

Loo Break: It’s a long movie, so take one only if you can’t control

Watch or Not?: Of course, YES!

Language: English

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 162 Minutes

User Rating: ★★★★☆


The movie is based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. It’s a sequel to the 2021 film, Dune. The Fremens save Paul and Lady Jessica Atreides. As Paul and Chani’s love story starts to take centre stage, the dangers from the north and the south keep on growing. From the spice power, the narrative shifts to prophecies that change the way we look at the Atreides family!

Dune Part Two Movie Review

Dune: Part Two Movie Review: Script Analysis

Dune: Part Two is the second and final installment of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel. The script, written by Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts, and Eric Roth, follows the journey of Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet), the young heir of House Atreides, who joins forces with the Fremen, the native people of the desert planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. Paul must face his destiny as the prophesied messiah of the Fremen, while also confronting the ruthless enemies who seek to destroy him and his family.

The script succeeds in expanding the rich and complex world of Dune, introducing new characters, cultures, and conflicts. The dialogue is crisp and engaging, with moments of humor, emotion, and philosophy. The plot is well-paced and balanced, with enough action, intrigue, and suspense to keep the audience invested. The script also explores the themes of power, religion, ecology, and identity, and how they shape the characters and their choices.

The script, however, is not without its flaws. Some of the characters are underdeveloped, such as Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), Paul’s mother, who undergoes a significant transformation but is given little screen time to explore it. Some of the plot points are also rushed or glossed over, such as the relationship between Paul and Chani (Zendaya), the Fremen warrior who becomes his love interest. The script also relies heavily on the exposition and narration of the first film, which may confuse or alienate some viewers who are not familiar with the source material or the previous installment.

Dune: Part Two Movie Review: Star Performance

The cast of Dune: Part Two delivers stellar performances, bringing the characters to life with charisma and nuance. Timothee Chalamet shines as Paul, portraying his growth from a naive and reluctant hero to a confident and charismatic leader. He captures Paul’s inner turmoil, his visions, and his charisma, and has great chemistry with Zendaya, who plays Chani. Zendaya, though having limited screen time, makes a strong impression as the fierce and passionate Fremen warrior, who challenges and supports Paul.

The supporting cast is also impressive, with standout performances from Javier Bardem as Stilgar, the wise and honorable leader of the Fremen; Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen, the grotesque and sadistic villain; and Dave Bautista as Rabban, the brutal and incompetent nephew of the Baron. The cast also features talented actors such as Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Charlotte Rampling, and Stephen Henderson, who add depth and personality to their roles.

Dune: Part Two Movie Review: Direction, Music

Denis Villeneuve proves once again that he is a master of sci-fi filmmaking, with his stunning direction of Dune: Part Two. He creates a visually stunning and immersive experience, with breathtaking cinematography, production design, and visual effects. He showcases the beauty and harshness of the desert landscape, the grandeur and menace of the spaceships and cities, and the awe and terror of the sandworms, the giant creatures that inhabit Dune. He also crafts thrilling and intense action sequences, such as the aerial battles, the ambushes, and the final showdown.

Villeneuve also demonstrates his skill in storytelling, with his clear and coherent vision, his attention to detail, and his respect for the source material. He balances the spectacle and the substance, the action and the emotion, the plot and the themes. He also elicits excellent performances from his cast, and manages to convey the complex and layered relationships and motivations of the characters.

The music of Dune: Part Two is composed by Hans Zimmer, who returns from the first film. Zimmer delivers a magnificent and memorable score, that enhances the mood and atmosphere of the film. He uses a variety of instruments and sounds, such as drums, flutes, chants, and synthesizers, to create a unique and diverse musical palette, that reflects the different cultures and environments of the film. He also creates memorable themes and motifs, such as the haunting and heroic theme of Paul, the mystical and mysterious theme of the Fremen, and the ominous and oppressive theme of the Harkonnens.

Dune: Part Two Movie Review: The Last Word

Dune: Part Two is a monumental and masterful sci-fi film, that concludes the epic saga of Dune with style and substance. It is a rare sequel that surpasses its predecessor, and delivers a satisfying and spectacular cinematic experience. It is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi, and a worthy adaptation of one of the most influential and beloved novels of all time. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Four stars!

Dune: Part Two Trailer

Dune: Part Two releases on 01st March, 2024.

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