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Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 Report & Verdict (Hit or Flop)

Mollywood Box Office Collection 2024 – Here is the Box Office Collection of all Malayalam movies released in 2024. We have also included their Worldwide Collection, budget and verdict hit or flop in the list. Movie budgets are estimated include both production and advertising costs. We have given you the best information in the table below.

Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 Report & Verdict (Hit or Flop)

Latest Mollywood Box Office Collection 2024 Report

Note: * Denotes movie still running in theatres worldwide

MovieBudget (Cost + P&A)India Net (₹ Cr)Worldwide (₹ Cr)Verdict
Guruvayoorambala Nadayil *₹ 90 Cr₹3.8 Cr₹6.4 CrNone
Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudeyum Hrudayahariyaya Pranayakadha *TBA₹0.09 Cr₹0.1 CrNone
Kattis Gang *TBA₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 CrNone
PerumaniTBA₹0.5 Cr₹0.56 CrNone
Marivillin GopurangalTBA₹0.43 Cr₹0.46 CrNone
Sweet Chakkara UmmaTBA₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 CrNone
AaroTBA₹0.17 Cr₹0.19 CrNone
Nadikar₹ 40 Cr₹4.31 Cr₹2.75 CrNone
CadburysTBA₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 CrNone
Malayalee From India₹ 12 Cr₹10.67 Cr₹18.25 CrNone
Pavi Caretaker₹ 12 Cr₹7.05 Cr₹8.06 CrNone
Panchavalsara Padhathi₹ 3 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.23 CrNone
Anjaam Vedham₹ 2 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 CrNone
Aavesham₹ 30 Cr₹84.6 Cr₹153.37 CrSuper Hit
Varshangalkku Shesham₹ 8 Cr₹38.83 Cr₹81.56 CrSuper Hit
Jai Ganesh₹ 5 Cr₹3.45 Cr₹3.97 CrFlop
Badal The Manifesto₹ 2.5 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.06 CrDisaster
Chappakuthu₹ 2 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 CrDisaster
L (Malayalam)TBA₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 CrNone
SwaramTBA₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 CrNone
Aadujeevitham – The Goat Life₹ 80 Cr₹77.38 Cr₹157.4 CrHit
Vayassethrayayi Muppathi₹ 3 Cr₹0.19 Cr₹0.20 CrDisaster
Secret HomeTBA₹0.23 Cr₹0.25 CrNone
KuthoodTBA₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 CrNone
Anchakkallakokkan₹ 3 Cr₹2.77 Cr₹2.66 CrFlop
IthuvareTBA₹0.10 Cr₹0.12 CrFlop
Jananam: 1947 Pranayam ThudarunnuTBA₹0.09 Cr₹0.09 CrNone
Dial 100TBA₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 CrNone
Oru Sarkar UlpannamTBA₹0.15 Cr₹0.17 CrFlop
Manasa VachaTBA₹0.13 Cr₹0.13 CrFlop
Thankamani₹ 30 Cr₹2.43 Cr₹0.81 CrDisaster
Aanandhapuram DiariesTBA₹0.22 Cr₹0.24 CrNone
KadakanTBA₹0.14 Cr₹0.17 CrNone
The SpoilsTBA₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 CrFlop
Manjummel Boys₹ 20 Cr₹130.16 Cr₹240.92 CrAll Time Blockbuster
Family (Malayalam)TBA₹0.12 Cr₹0.13 CrNone
ArivaalTBA₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 CrNone
ThunduTBA₹0.77 Cr₹0.86 CrNone
AndhakaraTBA₹0.22 Cr₹0.25 CrNone
Bramayugam₹ 27.73 Cr₹25.22 Cr₹58.32 CrHit
Premalu₹ 9 Cr₹58.56 Cr₹131.5 CrBlockbuster
Anweshippin Kandethum₹ 8 Cr₹8.99 Cr₹15.75 CrAverage
LLB (Malayalam)₹ 3 Cr₹0.44 Cr₹0.50 CrDisaster
Iyer in Arabia₹ 2 Cr₹0.34 Cr₹0.38 CrDisaster
Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda KruthyeTBA₹0.19 Cr₹0.21 CrNone
JerryTBA₹0.07 Cr₹0.08 CrNone
Ozhuki Ozhuki OzhukiTBA₹0.05 Cr₹0.05 CrNone
KurinjiTBA₹0.03 Cr₹0.03 CrNone
Rhithum – Beyond The TruthTBA₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 CrNone
Malaikottai Vaaliban₹ 65 Cr₹14.02 Cr₹29.82 CrFlop
Vivekanandan ViralanuTBA₹0.38 Cr₹0.44 CrFlop
MayavanamTBA₹0.07 Cr₹0.09 CrNone
Devil HuntersTBA₹0.07 Cr₹0.08 CrNone
PeppattyTBA₹0.06 Cr₹0.08 CrNone
Pinnil OralTBA₹0.01 Cr₹0.01 CrNone
QalbTBA₹0.66 Cr₹0.76 CrFlop
Abraham Ozler₹ 6 Cr₹21.03 Cr₹40.7 CrSuperHit
AattamTBA₹1.22 Cr₹1.22 CrFlop
Raastha₹ 3 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.16 CrDisaster
Palayam PC₹ 3 Cr₹0.07 Cr₹0.08 CrDisaster
Mangomury₹ 2 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.06 CrDisaster

Here is some information about Kerala Box Office Collection 2024.
1. Budget: It includes both production and advertising costs
2. India Net: India Gross – GST (18% on Movies).
3. Verdict: Based only on box office earnings and the returns do not include any other rights (OTT, TV, music, or digital) revenues.

The Box Office Data are compiled from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Box Office Adda does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data.


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